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HS748 and latest update (SP2)

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Topic: HS748 and latest update (SP2)
Posted By: mhscott
Subject: HS748 and latest update (SP2)
Date Posted: 27 Oct 2017 at 2:09pm
Hi All, I wonder if anyone is having the same problems as me after updating the 748? Once the flight sim is loaded at an Airport the frame rates take a dive, rendering the Aircraft useless Cry

I have done all the logical stuff like turn the sliders down to minimum, move airports (Just to eliminate) and gone further, doing re-installs and deleting the FSX SE CFG to let it build a new (and un-tweaked one) all to no avail.

I have loaded other aircraft at the same airport (DC 6 for example) and the problem disappears! When returning to the 748 the problem returns. One thing I did notice is that with the 748 when I select Slew Mode, the problem disappears? 

In summary, the problem is associated with the 748 only, I have no problem flying other aircraft at the same location. I use TrackIR so it really is affected by the low FPS which is less than 1 with the 748, yet up in the 20's with any other Aircraft.

The only thing I may be doing wrong is missing the point of the updates. If I re-install do I have to go for the first original download and build the Aircraft container update by update, which is not what I did or was I correct to uninstall the original and go straight for the SP2 update? 

Its worthy of note that this issue was not apparent before I updated and had numerous good flights previously.

Any pointers is appreciatedSmile


Posted By: Martyn
Date Posted: 30 Oct 2017 at 9:46am
Hi Martin,

You only need to install the latest version from your account, which includes the SP 2.2 update.

This isn't a problem that I've encountered or seen reported before, so can you contact our support team so that they can investigate further?" rel="nofollow -


Just Flight Ltd

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