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almost no traffic in South Africa

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Topic: almost no traffic in South Africa
Posted By: troye
Subject: almost no traffic in South Africa
Date Posted: 01 Aug 2017 at 4:37pm
Hi there, I installed Traffic 360 into FSX and run commercial traffic density at about 20% and GA at 40%. I'm using the default Traffic 360 bgl file which i think is based on Summer 2012 and time is set for about mid-day. It works fine at an airport like Seattle Intl (KSEA) where there are 4-5 aircraft almost constantly taxiing, taking off or landing.

However, in South Africa it is a different story. At Johannesburg Intl all the parking bays are full but I had only one aircraft taking off in 10 minutes and that was with time acceleration at 4x, in other words one aircraft in perhaps 40 minutes. At Cape Town Intl, there were no no aircraft moving for more than 10 minutes at 4x time acceleration. Even moving back to the US, there are no aircraft at the smaller airfields, even at the mid-sized Boeing Airfield right next to KSEA?!

I was under the impression that Traffic 360 uses real-world flight schedules. I question this as both Johannesburg Intl and Cape Town Intl are extremely busy airports with aircraft taking off and landing constantly. Is there perhaps something I'm doing wrong or a setting I must enable somewhere?

Posted By: RayM
Date Posted: 04 Aug 2017 at 1:18pm

noticing that you have had no responses from other T360 users regarding your situation, I, as a Traffic X user only, can only offer one comment.

Running at an Airline density of only 20% seems too low from my experience - I would have thought somewhere between 55% and 70% would give you a better chance of seeing more traffic at all locations.
I suggest you ignore the talk of 'real-world' schedules which normally means an aircraft flies from A to B, back to A, A to C, back to A, etc. T360 schedules certainly do not do this.

A long time FSXA and Traffic X user

Posted By: troye
Date Posted: 04 Aug 2017 at 9:16pm
Hi Ray, thanks for the reply and the help. I will definitely apply your settings.

However, I think I did find my problem. I installed Traffic 360 to FSX Steam, but I have a dual installation of FSX Steam and FSX boxed and found the Traffic 360 bgl file in the World/Scenery directory of FSX boxed!

So somehow the installer got confused and put the traffic file in the wrong sim's directory. That one lone aircraft I saw taking off from Johannesburg International must have been directed by the default FSX Steam traffic file.

After putting the Traffic 360 file back into its correct place, I definitely have more traffic, but still nowhere near what I expected. Will apply your setting and I'm sure it'll make all the difference.

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