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Pro version cockpit lighting

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Topic: Pro version cockpit lighting
Posted By: stretch1365
Subject: Pro version cockpit lighting
Date Posted: 04 May 2015 at 10:13pm
Hi all,

I was trying a flight tonight from Salzburg to Birmingham which started off about 18.00Z running until about 21.00Z so it wasn't daylight but then not dark either. Now I know there are some issues with when cockpit lighting will show up in FSX, I had a similar issue with the Quality Wings 146, although nowhere near as bad as what I observed tonight.

So I took off and could make out the instruments ok, but they were a bit dim, I made sure all the lights were turned on but as it turned dark I couldn't see any instrument illumination at all. No autopilot readings or backlighting, nothing on the engines or overhead and the main flight instruments were next to useless with no lighting.

I did some playing around and noticed the 2d panel lighting appeared to show a whole hour before any lighting in the VC showed up, and this was just the overhead backlighting.

Do Justflight have any thoughts on improving the cockpit lighting in an update one day as I have seen similar comments elsewhere regarding poor lighting in the Tristar Pro cockpit.

Best regards and happy flying.

Happy Flying

David Phillips

Posted By: noel56z
Date Posted: 18 Oct 2016 at 1:20am
I'm having a similar problem. No cockpit instrument lights at all. OK I suppose if you're flying in daylight but in other than bright sunlight not good at all. I've tried all of the rheostat light positions with no joy. Any direction would be appreciated.


Noel Anderson

Posted By: FactionOne
Date Posted: 18 Oct 2016 at 9:58pm
Chaps, from the testing I've been doing, there seems only to be one main lighting situation for the VC; switched by the leftmost of the two large knobs on a 'Lights' section toward the lower-right corner of the overhead panel (just above the first officer's wiper control, not to be confused with the instrument lights section of the eyebrow panel).

...There is a bit of a glitch during the period the sim defines as dusk (dawn too, I imagine). The clock, engine instruments, and FMC/INS illumination don't seem to respect the 'pilot controls aircraft lights' setting, and consequently those items don't illuminate in the VC until the time ticks over to 'sim-night'. At the moment I'm working-around by using the 2D FMS (which is illuminated at dusk); the engine instruments are just about readable under the diffused floodlight.

Hopefully this is stuff that can be fixed (or bodged).

All the best,


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