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Traffic X PlusPak - Military question

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Topic: Traffic X PlusPak - Military question
Posted By: JimBeamBlack
Subject: Traffic X PlusPak - Military question
Date Posted: 09 Aug 2014 at 3:33am
Howdy all,

I just installed my Traffic X PlusPak - Military and I'm not seeing any military aircraft at any military airbases or in the air.

I'm using UT2 for my civ traffic and I that is working properly at about 60% for both commercial and civilian.

I wonder, am I supposed to have an entry in the main section of my cfg for the "Traffic X PlusPak - Military"?

Here is my main now after install.

User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter
SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft

I have my traffic settings as follows:


thanks for any suggestions!!

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2014 at 2:55am
I only have Traffic X by itself. I don't have either of the PlusPaks (Civilian or Military). But, I will guess that, yes, you are correct that you probably should have something in the SimObjectPaths.x area of the FSX.cfg file. Otherwise the sim won't know where the (military) AI aircraft files are located (it can't load stuff if it doesn't know about it or where it is located).

Remembering I only have Traffic X by itself, my FSX.cfg file simply has SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\Traffic X

Note that I only looked at my FSX.cfg yesterday and I am going from memory about this entry because I am at work right now and can't check. I cannot recall if it has a space or not. In other words, is it:

SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\Traffic X   or is it   SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\TrafficX

And, also note that in your case it will be SimObjectPaths.7=..............

Remembering again that I only have Traffic X by itself, and not the PlusPaks, I don't know if the PlusPaks add an additional entry or append extra words to the existing entry, such as, for example:

SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\Traffic X
SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\Traffic X PlusPak - Military

This line points to the SimObjects FOLDER where the (military) AI aircraft files are, so the words here must match the folder name. If the folder is "Traffic X PlusPak - Military" then that is what this line must be.

It would be even better, of course, if someone else who does have the PlusPaks can respond here and answer your question directly.

Posted By: JimBeamBlack
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2014 at 4:08am
Hey thanks for the info Freddy.

I will try both SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\Traffic X and SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\Traffic X PlusPak - Military tomorrow and see if that makes any difference.

Also what airline density should I use OR do you use, I have them both at 10 now because UT2 is at 60% for both, maybe I should try 20 or 30 and see if that makes any difference.

Thanks again man,

Oh Also, I just looked and I don't have any Traffic X or PlusPak in my simobjects folders, The Pluspak put itself in the FSX/JustFlight folder and it's listed as "TrafficXplus", so maybe I'll try that path first and see what happens. OR maybe I don't need it??

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2014 at 4:44am
My GA slider is set to 100% and my airline slider is set to 60%. But these get manually ADJUSTED by me quite often, depending where in the world I am flying. For example, in Europe, with Traffic X, I need to drop the airline slider down to about 30% because of the large numbers of AI traffic there. But, in Australia, where I do most of my flying, with Traffic X, 100% for GA and 60% for airliners works fine for me on my system.

You say the PlusPak put itself in the FSX/JustFlight folder and it's listed as "TrafficXplus". Where are the AI plane models and textures etc? Are they in that same folder? I would have thought those would get installed in to the SimObjects folder?

In your FSX.cfg file, you need to tell it where the AI models are located. And, usually, that would be in the SimObjects folder. For example, your SimObjectPaths.6 entry is SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft ... meaning that you would have a "C:\...\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft" folder which would contain all of the UT2 AI models and textures etc.

With that in mind, where are the Traffic X PlusPak models and textures located? Because the folder where those are located is what needs to be entered in to your FSX.cfg file.

Or, as you say, perhaps you just don't need that line? Hmmm? Let's hope that somebody who does have the military PlusPak does respond here to confirm.

Posted By: JimBeamBlack
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2014 at 5:28am
I got it working finally!

I messed around with the fsx.cfg and got nothing, so I set my sliders up to 50% in FSX and now I see Globemasters at McCord AFB!

Yeah the add-on installed itself in the JustFlight folder,

and that's it. I can't find any other entries in the FSX folder.

BUT it's now working with the sliders set higher so it must be installed properly, I never would have though they would need to be 40 or 50% just to see some traffic though.

but I'm not complaining because the traffic looks awesome and I'm not really getting a huge VAS or frame rate hit at all.

I'm happy thanks for prodding me in the right direction Freddy, I really do appreciate it!

PS: And it appears that you do not need an entry in my fsx'cfg [MAIN] section if you are only using the PlusPak's,

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2014 at 6:54am
Glad you have it working!

Nothing required in the FSX.cfg, eh? Well, fair enough ... if it's working then it aint broke. And if it aint broke, then don't stuff with it. Hehehe.

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