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Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) duplicated Traffic X AFCAD

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Topic: Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) duplicated Traffic X AFCAD
Posted By: freddy
Subject: Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) duplicated Traffic X AFCAD
Date Posted: 04 Jun 2014 at 12:04am
As you are probably aware, Traffic X provides additional AFCAD airport files to enhance FSX.

I recently flew in to Rio de Janeiro's Galeão International Airport (SBGL) and noticed a lot of "anomalies" such as AI aircraft being duplicated/overlapping and parked "inside each other" at gates, AI aircraft taxiing on the grass, and various other airport errors such as incorrectly placed taxi signs and autogen scenery object issues (for example, trees on the ramps, taxiways and runways).

To investigate this I went in to the "C:\...\Flight Simulator X\JustFlight\TrafficX\AirportFacilities\Scenery" folder and I noticed there were TWO Traffic X AFCAD files for SBGL in that folder. Namely, "AFX_SBGL.bgl" and "AF2_SBGL.bgl". With two AFCAD files both being loaded in to FSX at the same time, they were "clashing" with each other and were causing the issues listed above.

I then worked out which file was the correct file and which file was the errant file by temporarily removing each of them, one at a time, from that folder and running FSX. Using this process of elimination I determined that the "AF2_SBGL.bgl" file was the errant one as the airport in this file appears to be misplaced a short distance off to the west in FSX thus causing the scenery problems. Not to mention that this file also does not contain the nicely reworked airport terminal buildings and other graphical enhancements.

To fix the issue, I left both files in the "C:\...\Flight Simulator X\JustFlight\TrafficX\AirportFacilities\Scenery" folder, but prevented the errant one from loading in to FSX by simply renaming it to "AF2_SBGL_bgl" (note the underscore character instead of the period). I prefer to rename such errant files instead of removing them or deleting them because renaming means the file is kept for backup purposes should it be required.

After renaming the file from "AF2_SBGL.bgl" to "AF2_SBGL_bgl", FSX no longer loads it and the scenery issues at the airport are now corrected.

If Rio de Janeiro's Galeão International Airport is working fine for you, or if you have purchased other scenery for this location and that is working fine, then you should simply ignore this post. However, if you are noticing/experiencing similar issues at Galeão International Airport to those that I mentioned above, then I hope this post will be of use to you.

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