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Landing Help

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Topic: Landing Help
Posted By: gotjackson
Subject: Landing Help
Date Posted: 27 Feb 2014 at 12:46am
I've had the 146 for about a week now. After all the modern airplanes I've been flying, it took some retraining my brain to properly fly the 146, but after about 15 flights, I'm getting everything down pretty well.

The only area that I'm still having some difficulty with is landing. I've tried the recommended 120 KIAS approach and found that I was too nose-high (probably because I still had 70% fuel load). So I upped the approach speed to about 126-127 KIAS and now I'm approaching nice and level. But...

The problem I'm having, both at the original 120 KIAS and the slightly higher approach speeds, is I still have to pitch the nose WAY up in the air (getting close to tail strike) to keep from hitting the runway hard. Most of the time I hit it so hard that the plane bounces back in the air for a moment.

For all of these landings to date, I have been using ILS approach and the glide slope. I've tried several different ways to approach the landing including flaring earlier and later but nothing I've tried so far has helped me bring the bird in for a nice soft landing. without bringing the nose of the airplane way up in the air.

I've seen videos of nice soft landings with this plane, so I know there must be something I'm not doing right. I am using a cheapo Logitech stick, but it works perfectly fine for every other aircraft I fly.

I know this plane does have "heavy" controls and requires quite a bit of input on the control surfaces, but I'd really like to stick a nice soft landing under 150fpm. Any ideas/suggestions to try?

Posted By: sampa
Date Posted: 27 Feb 2014 at 9:41am
One thing you didn't mention which may help, are you opening the speedbrake at around 300'? Check your trim too, it's possible to run out of "up" elevator if your trim is not correctly set for the weight and speed.

Generally I've found the 146 quite easy to land IF you get everything stabilized early in the approach. Normally I use 1000' as the final decision gate, speed at Vref +15, full landing configuration, and with just the speedbrake to open at 300'. From that point you can basically take your hands off the controls and still get a reasonable touchdown in still air conditions.

Hope that helps 

Posted By: gotjackson
Date Posted: 28 Feb 2014 at 12:54am
Thanks for the reply. It's funny you mentioned the speed brake because today I was watching a few YouTube videos of real 146 landings and after about the third one I realized they all had their speed brake open right at about 300' before touchdown.

The other thing I think I've been doing wrong is cutting the throttles too soon. I tried a landing (without the speed brake) earlier and found it made a big difference waiting almost until the wheels touched before cutting the throttle. Apparently it drops much faster to the ground under no power than most of the planes I'm used to flying.

Thanks for your help. I'm going to try it with the speed brake open at 300 tonight.

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