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Fatal Errors and other issues

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Topic: Fatal Errors and other issues
Posted By: WarHorse47
Subject: Fatal Errors and other issues
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2014 at 6:14pm
I already sent an e-mail to support regarding the FSX Fatal Error I get whenever I attempt to load a saved flight for the Canberra.
I just encountered another Fatal Error under different circumstances.
I was on a flight to Fairchild AFB outside Spokane and attempted to set my ADF to the Spokane NDB and discovered that the ADF is limited to 360.0.  The Spokane NDB I use is at 388.0.  So this is a request to increase the limit of the ADF.
While in flight I accessed the map to verify the Spokane NDB, which I did.  However, after cancelling (closing the map) I got another Fatal Error which ended my flight and restarted FSX.
I suspect that there might be a conflict going on between the Canberra GPS and FSX navigation tools since I continue to get a Fatal Error whenever I attempt to access or use the FSX navigation tools.
My sim is FSX under Windows 8.0.  No other error messages are being generated.

Posted By: WarHorse47
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2014 at 8:00pm
Did some more research.
My Windows Error reporting showed a conflict with module g2d.dll.
When I attempted to load the Canberra again to repeat my flight, I encountered the Fatal Error again and couldn't get it to load.  I finally loaded another aircraft and switched over and was able to restart my flight to Spokane.
I took off and steered a heading of 62 degrees, and attained an altitude of 22,000 feet.  I thought I had the autopilot figured out, but guess not.  About a 3rd of the way into the flight, the aircraft began a gentle turn to the right - way off course.  And I couldn't hold altitude.  All the proper switches indicated ON or ENGAGED, but still I had to turn the autopilot off and fly manually.

Posted By: merlin851526
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2014 at 9:38pm
Almost exactly the same problem. Veering to the right gently and autopilot losing altitude irrespective of any inputs from throttle.

Posted By: WarHorse47
Date Posted: 24 Feb 2014 at 9:46pm
I'm still getting an occasional Fatal Error with the Canberra, and am trying to determine if there is a trend.
If I exit my flight and FSX too soon, it generates the Fatal Error.  After FSX restarts and I attempt to reload the Canberra, I get the Fatal Error.
In order to clear the issue, I can load another aircraft - then select the Canberra without a problem.

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