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Saving Flight plans

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Topic: Saving Flight plans
Posted By: Darren
Subject: Saving Flight plans
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 1:38pm
Once you have created your flight plans then compiled them, when it asks you to save what you have created, Where do you save the plans in what folder. I might have a feeling that I am not saving them in the right place and when it says run the file do you run the file?
Thanks in advance.

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 11:52pm
If you are modifying flight plans using the Traffic X Control Centre, and making changes etc, then you will, of course, eventually need to do a compile. When you do the compile, you will be asked to provide a filename (the default filename is, as we know, "TrafficX.BGL"). That file belongs in the "C:\...\Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery" folder. The usual practice would be to simply use that same filename and therefore OVERWRITE the existing "TrafficX.BGL" file with the newly created (compiled) one.

If you choose to use a DIFFERENT filename so that you have TWO AI traffic files (the old one called "TrafficX.BGL" and your new one called, say, "DifferentFilename.BGL") then FSX will load BOTH files and you will see the AI from BOTH. Doing this is fine, but be aware that if both files have the same flight plans inside them, then you will see DUPLICATED AI PLANES flying in your skies. It is for this reason it is BEST to simply OVERWRITE the original "TrafficX.BGL" file and therefore keep only ONE file. On the other hand, you can, of course, ADJUST/EDIT/DELETE/MOVE the flight plans with the Traffic X Control Centre so that when you compile BOTH of the separate .BGL files, you are sure that there are NO DUPLICATIONS in each of them.

As far as "running" that file is concerned, you don't need to do anything special. When you run FSX, it simply "loads" the .BGL file and all the AI traffic that it contains in to the sim for you.

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