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Flights created not showing after compling

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Topic: Flights created not showing after compling
Posted By: Darren
Subject: Flights created not showing after compling
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 1:34pm

Hi everyone, worked out the flight plans, compiled them but none of my plans are showing even after saving and then compieling but nothing what do I need to do if the flights that you created are not showing. Thanks in advanced.


Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 11:31pm

Flight plans are based on GMT time. This means that time that you entered in your flight plan is NOT always the "exact" time that this plane will be at, arrive at, or leave an airport. When testing to see if your flight plan edits appear at an airport, always do the following:

Check the exact time that you set in your flight plan. See if your plane is there. If not, then set the FSX clock back one hour and check again. Still not? Then set the FSX clock back another hour and check again. If you still don't see it, then do the same again, but this time set the FSX clock forward one hour, and forward one hour again. In other words, check a RANGE OF TIMES that are both BEFORE AND AFTER the assigned flight plan time.

And, if you are setting WEEKLY schedules, then remember that if you set a plane to fly on Wednesday, FSX will NOT show it on Wednesday, but will instead show it ONE DAY AFTER (ie, Thursday). This is a quirk with the way FSX has been programmed.



I also suggest you set your AI traffic sliders in FSX to 100% and THEN see if your flights appear. Here's why:

Each time you do a compile, Traffic X generates a RANDOM number for each and every aircraft in all the flight plans. This RANDOM number represents this ... "at what FSX traffic slider percentage does this aircraft appear?".

So, you create or edit some flight plans and then you compile. During the compile process, Traffic X generates the random number (AI traffic slider percentage) for every AI plane. In other words, each AI plane gets set with it's own individual percentage number.

If an AI plane is set with a percentage of "10", then that means it will show in FSX if your FSX traffic slider percentage is 10% or higher. If an AI plane is set with a percentage of "80", then that means it will show in FSX if your FSX traffic slider percentage is 80% or higher.

What this means is that your flight plan edits MAY NOT SHOW in FSX because the random percentage numbers generated by Traffic X may happen to be low (under) the setting that you have configured in FSX for your AI traffic sliders.

Therefore, a trick when TESTING to see if your flight plan edits have worked, is to always set your FSX traffic slider percentage to 100%. This way, you will ALWAYS see your plane(s), even if Traffic X generated a high random percentage value like a 95 or 99 or something. But, after testing, you must remember to set your FSX traffic slider percentage back down to whatever your usual value is (otherwise you risk clogged skies and bad frame rates).

If your plane DOES appear with the FSX AI traffic sliders set at 100%, then you know your flight plan edits worked. So, in this case, just COMPILE AGAIN and Traffic X will generate NEW random numbers for each plane. Hopefully, this time, those numbers fall BELOW the value that you have set in FSX for the AI traffic sliders.

I think this random number generation in Traffic X is Just Flight's attempt to prevent clogged skies, and to also provide a (pardon the pun) randomness to the compile so that you never really see the same aircraft all the time if you are the sort of person who, like me, does a lot of work creating/editing flight plans.

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