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Flight Plans

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Topic: Flight Plans
Posted By: Darren
Subject: Flight Plans
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 11:49am
Hello everyone, woundering if some one could help me, been trying to create a flight plan from Auckland to Honolulu with Air new Zealand, the first leg is ok not a problem, then when I right click "insert after" and try to program the return flight I get that part in red and it just wont work and I am stumped as to what I am doing wrong. EG if I leave NZAA at 23.00 it gets into PHNL at 9.47 the next morning, however if I try to leave PHNL at 13.00 the return flight always go red and the leg errors come up and the return flight always goes back to say it leaves PHNL at 2.00 so what am I doing wrong any help would be greatly appreciated. Smile 
I have read the tutorial as I am doing the flight plans but the legg errors I just dont understand.

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2013 at 10:34pm
This is probably due to the GMT times. You will see in the leg creation screen that the GMT for the departure airprort and the arrival airport is shown to you as either + or - (example GMT -1 or GMT +10). Even though you type in the time for the next leg to be after the arrival time of the previous leg, the software takes in to account the GMT time and will do an internal calculation of what the "actual" leg departure time is. If that "actual" departure time is not workable, for any reason, then you will get the error that you describe.

In other words, even though what you've entered on the screen looks correct ... the software, and therefore FSX, cannot fly it. Without realising, you're actually trying to get a plane to takeoff from an airport that it technically hasn't even arrived at yet (because of GMT correction).

A workaround TRICK that SOMETIMES works is to simply swap/flip the departure and arrival airports around. For example, you are setting a flight from NZAA to PHNL ... and it isn't working ... so SWAP/FLIP those completely around and try setting the flight from PHNL to NZAA instead. This MAY correct the issue and you end up getting the exact same result as NZAA to PHNL anyway.

And, of course, remember that flights must have a minimum of 50 minutes between arrival and the next takeoff time (this allows for what they call "turn-around time" of an aircraft - the time it takes to land an aircraft, get it to the gate, clean it, refuel it, and get it ready for the next flight).

Posted By: Soaranden
Date Posted: 13 Nov 2013 at 6:45am
Hi, Darren,

Quite some time ago, I discovered a workaround for the type of error that you have been experiencing when attempting to create a return flight to Auckland from Honolulu. See" rel="nofollow - Scheduling Daily Overnighters Without 50 Min Error . At the preceding link, I use a round trip between Brussels and Beijing as an example, but the technique that I describe applies to your round trip flight between Auckland and Honolulu, as well.


Posted By: Darren
Date Posted: 04 Dec 2013 at 10:22am
Thanks guys for your helpfull answers and I will ahve a look at the link Dan, thanks my friend.

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