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How to add airport plu traffic to it

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Topic: How to add airport plu traffic to it
Posted By: DLGA
Subject: How to add airport plu traffic to it
Date Posted: 07 Apr 2013 at 6:26pm
Southwest Airlines has been adding new airports to their destinations and I need to know how to add the Traffic X Southwest Airlines AI aircraft to appear at these particular airports.

Right now they have added these to their roster:

Charlotte, North Carolina (KCLT)
Flint, Michigan (KFNT)
Rochester, New York (KROC)
Portland, Maine (KPWM) and
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Also, if an airport they go to such as KROC (Rochester New York) is not listed in Traffic X how do I add it?

AF2_KROC.bgl (Rochester, New York (KROC))shows in the Traffic 2005 Airport Facilities scenery folder but not in Traffic X.

I would appreciate any information on how to do this.


Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 09 Apr 2013 at 7:13am
To populate the airports with the Southwest traffic, use the Traffic Control Centre program to add flight plans for the planes to fly to the airports you want. For help, read the appropriate Tutorial (here: - Traffic X Tutorials ). You'll probably have to add more than one or two flight plans to get the "realism" that you want. It's easy, but will take some time. And, MOST IMPORTANT ... Remember that the Tutorial forgets to mention that after adding or editing flight plans in the Traffic Control Centre you must RECOMPILE the traffic database so that your changes appear in FSX. Read this thread here for details on how to do that: - How do I recompile the Traffic Database?

For information on adding airports in to Traffic X (if they are not already in Traffic X), then refer to this thread here: - Brand new Airport - what to do?

Posted By: DLGA
Date Posted: 09 Apr 2013 at 3:46pm
Hi Freddy!

Thanks for your great answer. I really appreciate your input.

With this info I will be able to keep what little hair I have left.

Been quite awhile since I was down under but one day hope to go back and visit Sydney and see how much it has changed since '69.

Again, from this guy in Texas thanks a bunch!


Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2013 at 12:05am
Glad to help. '69 huh? Yep, Sydney would have changed a bit since then.

Posted By: quick
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2013 at 6:50am
Freddy's the answer man around these parts. He does a good job of it and we all learn some things from him.

Now, since its been way back in '69 that Texas Man DLGA visited Sydney, and I've never been downunder I think Freddy should invite everyone on this forum to his house for a week of cookouts on the barbie with all night beer sampling...... Beerworks, Coopers, Fosters and any others..

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 19 Apr 2013 at 12:22am
Mmmm, beer. The funny thing is that Aussies generally DON'T drink any of the Aussie beers. For example, ask any Aussie about Fosters, and they'll tell you they don't drink the stuff. But it sells well overseas and there's plenty of Aussie Pubs and Bars in other countries that sell large quantities of it. The other thing to know about Aussies is that we usually DON'T put shrimp on the barbie. That was something started by an Australian tourism advertising campaign featuring actor Paul Hogan. We prefer to put STEAK and SNAGS (Aussie slang for sausages) on the barbie. Sure, we do put shrimp on barbies, from time to time; but it's rare. We prefer the STEAK and SNAGS.

Link: - Paul Hogan Aussie Tourism Ad from the 1980s

(Apart from the shrimp on the barbie bit, that Ad is pretty much spot on. That's exactly how it is here, and how we are. And, yep, you'll have to learn to say "G'day" properly when you come. Oh yeah, and that's my house in the background at the end of that Ad. The white one with the boat sails for a roof.)

Posted By: quick
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2013 at 4:13am

G'Day Freddy,
Thanks for the Aussie info. Thats why I need to come there so I can learn all these things. I did have an opportunity to visit Syndey, when I was in the military(1970)stationed in Thailand, for a week R&R but decided to spend my week in Bangkok. I think I made the wrong choice.

Those snags sound good!

Best of luck to ya Mate..

I like your House. I bet it has a lot of bathrooms. I seen a video of a Bee Gee's concert at your house.

Posted By: freddy
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2013 at 2:33pm
Yep, The Bee Gees have visited the house.


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