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Printed Date: 25 Jun 2021 at 12:35am

Topic: ENGINE START-UP / Radar
Posted By: arnett287
Subject: ENGINE START-UP / Radar
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2012 at 2:18pm

Anyone else having issues with the start up procedures? I follow the set up step by step by the maunal but yet when it comes to the "turn start master on switch to engine four and hit start" nothing but ticking happens.

I have read the manual more than once and the only thing that works is the default FSX engine start key.
Also, I have the CS weather radar and have entered it into the cfg file but nothing shows up in the VC. It is listed as available instruments but no where else...
Come on Martyn share some of your knowledge.
Otherwise the aircraft is visually amazing!!!

Posted By: arnett287
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 2:25pm
Good to know you can always come here to get help and answers. 38 views and not a single piece of advice...Censored

Posted By: aca882k9
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 3:09pm
I feel ya pain yah.. i was redirected to contact support by email.. and so I did.. but then again it should be something that happens publically so people can atleast see and put their views on it.. like if any SP are upcoming .. not to email them every single time and ask things to fixed.. for them its going to be a hastle...

Anyhow, not much you will expect here, I learned the hard way too.. CLS was just fine sticking to themselves i believe. dont know how they got interested in JF at al..
Go for QW!! =) they just released the 146 today. Can't wait :D

Posted By: noisekick
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 3:23pm
I go for QW anyways because they offer me a compleet pack all in one even for F2004 free copy incl and a working FMC and 100 times better support.

And i don't have to buy some extra packs to get a compleet pack by QW 39 euros will be well spent for sure.

Posted By: arnett287
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 3:32pm
Thanks for the update... I was actually planning on purchasing both. Just looks not I will only fly the QW version.

Posted By: aca882k9
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 3:36pm
ya bud, dont sweat it =) give flight1 a few hours, they released it, but in process of updating the site to show purchase link availability.
CLS did far a superb job on the 146, a plane that really has gone into detailed work!.. but they just made a tiny mistake choosin JF as forum support. They have been notified by atleast few customers of the 146, and I believe it only takes a few to send the same message to them. They'll look into the matter of the care we got  =/ .. and no worries people know this already.
anyhow good flying ! ;)

Posted By: Martyn
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2012 at 4:06pm
Quote but they just made a tiny mistake choosin JF as forum support

1. The product is a Just Flight product, not a CLS product
2. We do not use this forum for support. That is made clear here: -

In numerous forum threads I have asked anyone experiencing this issue to submit a support request. Our support team will then get back to you. We handle support differently to most other FS devs, we tried using a support forum years ago but the method that we use now is much more effective.

I will lock this topic as it seems to contain only misleading and confusing information, along with blatant adverts for a competitor.

Just Flight Ltd

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